Best Tracfone Smartphones 2022

Best TracFone Smartphone You Can Get for 2022: Compare Top 8 Products

Best Tracfone Smartphones 2022, Since its inception in 1997, Tracfone was established in 1996 and has provided reliable services. With plans for monthly subscriptions at as low as $15, it’s challenging to pass up. Although you can bring your handset that’s unlocked (find the correct one by clicking the links in the next paragraph), Tracfone offers a range of phones. It’s convenient as it’s unnecessary to search through the list to see which it can use phones on Tracfone’s network. However, the options are primarily targeted at those with fundamental requirements. Find out more about the top Tracfone phones are.

A few people are interested in smartphones. They put a lot of money into the phone they buy and then spend vast sums of money on accessories such as cases, earbuds, cases, and other similar items. While that’s all well and great, some prefer spending their money on more valuable things like a powerful desktop computer with excellent, bright lighting, unique gaming monitors, and much more.

Best Tracfone Smartphones 2022

Whatever kind or model of TracFone and plan that you pick, these suggestions can help you get the most out of your phone as well as service.

Make sure to keep your budget in your head. The newest intelligent TracFones come with various unique features; however, they’re also among the most expensive models offered by the company.

You can keep your phone number or purchase another one. TracFone allows you to keep the number your family and friends have been using if you’d instead start fresh with a brand new number for the new phone.

Fill up your text, talk, and data whenever you need to. Just because you choose a particular prepaid plan doesn’t mean that you’re only limited. If you’re short of airtime, require additional texts, or are nearing the limit on GBs, it is possible to increase the amount you require to keep your plan running.

Don’t let your plan run out. Always remember to replenish your plan to keep it active. For instance, if you are on a 60-day plan, you’ll need to replenish it with a different plan after the 60 days is over, even if you have minutes or texts you’ve not used. The plan will be carried over to the following month, meaning you’ll not lose any data you don’t use while you have your plan inactive.

Think about the additional features you could require. If you make many texts, make international calls a lot, or use data to stream streaming videos, TracFone has add-ons that you can buy to personalize the wireless service you are using.

Assistance is available in case you have any questions. TracFone offers several platforms such as phone, text, and online help.

Best Tracfone Smartphones 2022

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What happens should I let my plans expire?

The. While you can just reactivate your TracFone plan when it has expired, be aware that you need to ensure that your plan is always active to prevent losing any text messages, talk minutes, and other information.

How can I contact customer service should I have any concerns about my plan or phone?

TracFone customer service is accessible via either text or phone or via chat online to assist you in case problems, concerns, questions, or concerns arise.

Does it? Samsung Galaxy j7 crown a top phone?

We like this phone because it comes with a good camera, and both the rear and the selfie camera feature 13 MP lenses. Although we can’t experience the Snapdragon processor on Samsung’s Galaxy J7 Crown, its Exynos processor is highly efficient, which means a more efficient battery life.

Is Tracfone ideal for smartphones?

TracFone Review Summary. TracFone is the biggest mobile phone with no contract firm across the US. They offer reliable, low-cost cellular phone service for smartphones and regular phones without contracts.

Which phone is compatible with TracFone?

Check Cell Phone Compatibility. TracFone is compatible with the 4 major networks (i.e., Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon) and can be used with phones from all four networks.

What is the best basic smartphone?

The most affordable smartphone under $500 is the Apple iPhone SE. The most affordable smartphone for under $500. Google Pixel 4A. The best value Android phone with the top camera. OnePlus Nord. The most versatile Android phone that isn’t in the US. Samsung Galaxy A51. Google Pixel 4A 5G. Moto G Power. TCL 10 Pro.

What are the reasons to get a TracFone smartphone?

Some people don’t feel as excited as others when it comes to the latest technology in smartphones. Many cannot buy a high-priced contract from any of those who belong to the Big 4: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Others prefer a prepaid plan instead of a postpaid one. It may be more financially beneficial for them to opt for prepaying SIMs instead of postpaid plans. Others might not need the extended data plans provided by major companies and instead opt to use only SMS and calls on their phones.

Does TracFone use refurbished smartphones?

Yes and No. TracFone does offer refurbished smartphones for sale at a fraction of the cost, which is sometimes accessible to its customers. It is so that every person can get the right phone for the price range. They promote themselves as a budget company, and their prices are significantly lower than the major brands. There are new smartphones available so this article will discuss them in full. If you’re inclined to buy a used phone instead of a new one, then you certainly can do that.

Are TracFone phones locked?

Yes, by default. TracFone phones are from the box tied to the network. It means it is impossible to use SIM cards from other service providers on their phones. But, following an FCC ruling that upheld TracFone, The company is now legally required to unlock phones following an agreed-upon time. They can also provide credit in exchange for a phone or cashback for older devices.

How do I unlock my TracFone smartphone?

You can do it in just three simple steps without having to go to the shop or a fraudulent repair shop for your smartphone.

Step 1. Go to and input your current telephone number on the home page.

If you cannot connect to the internet right now, you can call them toll-free at 1 888-442-5102. They are available during regular hours of business.

Step 2. Determine if it can unlock your phone. If it’s eligible, follow the procedure to obtain an unlock code specifically for your phone model.

The latest models have a higher chance to qualify; however, TracFone’s earlier models might not qualify. In this situation, you might be qualified for a cashback from TracFone.

Step 3. Once you’ve received your unlocking code, you need to enter it and then purchase an additional SIM from a different provider of your preference. After that, turn off your device, swap the TracFone SIM with the new one, and turn it on.

If you’ve completed all 3 steps correctly, you will now be the proud owner of a TracFone phone that is unlocked.

The Best TracFone Smartphones Options for 2022

Samsung Galaxy A20 | Best TracFone for Long Battery Life

 Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB 6.4

If you’ve been keeping track of smartphone trends, you’ll be aware that Samsung manufactures Android phones running their OneUI OS on the mid-to-low spectrum. They’re primarily targeted towards Asian countries to lower the barriers to entry for specific demographics. One of these phones could be called the Galaxy A20: a budget-range Android phone with lots of passion. It’s a phone worth your time.

The Galaxy A20 is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 7904 processor, which comes with 3GB of RAM, base storage of 32GB, and the option of a microSD card to increase the storage up to the capacity of 512GB. There are two cameras on the rear with a 13-megapixel lens and a five-megapixel wide-angle lens. A selfie camera comes with an excellent 8-megapixel camera. All of the cameras are powered by a massive 4000 mAh battery. All this can be packed in a compact 5.86 pounds worth of phone.

The design isn’t terrible as well. Since it was released in 2019, it follows some of the designs of the more expensive flagship models. The screen is beautiful and large, with slim bezels that make more space. The front camera is located inside an adorable little notch at the center of the display. You will notice some trade-offs to the cost with the plastic casing that it can quickly fix with a phone cover.

The A20 is best for an average user. There are just a few applications, a few streaming services, and not much browsing. However, if you’re looking to play more intensive CPU games like some Android RPGs and games, you may experience somewhat unsatisfactory performance. The Exynos 7904 is a budget chipset that has many flaws. It is better to use the gaming laptop you purchased with the funds you made on your TracFone.

The camera is a fantastic feature, but it’s not the only one. The cameras on the phone are well-designed in both the front and rear ones. The rear cameras offer excellent clarity and perform well in natural lighting. The phone isn’t bad at night; however, expect your pictures to be darker than, for instance, an Galaxy S10. The selfie camera comes with Samsung’s Live Focus, a feature previously only available on Samsung’s flagship phones.

There’s nothing much that it can say about the A20 that isn’t a bit sexy. It’s a budget phone, and you shouldn’t be expecting to perform as well as its higher-end counterparts. However, it comes with an enormous battery and some excellent cameras making it among the top choices for a smartphone by TracFone.


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Excellent cameras


  • Laggy as all hell
  • Boring display

Best Tracfone Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core | Best TracFone for Android GO

Samsung J2 Factory Unlocked USA S206DL Black 16GB

Its J2 Core is the first phone from Samsung to run Android Go, a stripped-down and optimized version of Android designed to work on phones with lower specs. It makes it possible to make the J2 Core a great performer in managing tasks (to some extent, obviously.)

A Samsung-built Exynos 3475 processor powers the smartphone at its Core, which comes with 1GB of RAM 8GB of internal memory (with the micro SD slot to allow for additional expansion) with a 5-megapixel camera on the rear and a front camera. Its display is a simple 4.7-inch touchscreen. A 2000 mAh battery powers the entire device.

Its chassis is made of plastic, which is a strong selling point. It’s strong and comes in striking shades. They’re beautiful enough on their own without needing an accessory case. The edges are rounded like iPhones that add gentleness to the overall appearance. The bezels alongside the screen aren’t large, allowing plenty of space to display real estate. But obviously, it’s still a phone for the budget, so the real estate doesn’t appear much more straightforward.

The cameras are the most basic they can be. With 8 megapixels in cameras on the back, it can be tricky to take photos suitable for an Instagram post without running them through VSCO. But, Samsung does put a considerable amount of work into the camera’s sensors. The rear camera is quite good in natural light, but it can’t handle dim lighting, even with night mode activated. The selfie camera doesn’t look like an easy task either since it’s equipped with Samsung’s Beauty Face mode, touching your face and making it photo-worthy.

Don’t be too optimistic in terms of performance. You’ll likely experience lags if you have several apps running in the background. You will have trouble with high-demand apps like games or streaming apps. But if all you require is an Android phone that functions as a handset, there’s plenty of room to be content by the performance of J2 Core.

In the end, To sum it up, to sum it up, the J2 Core is a decent essential phone that offers beautiful looks and a decent camera. It’s a good option if you’re looking for something light and easy to carry around, and you don’t have to worry about using many applications on your phone. We’ll appreciate it if you prefer to spend more on one of the top gaming headphones by the money you’ll earn from this.


  • Fun design
  • Decent performance


  • Dismal camera
  • Sad display


Best Tracfone Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy A10E | Best TracFone for USB Type-C

 Samsung Galaxy A10e 32GB A102U GSM/CDMA

The A10E Samsung A10E Samsung was launched in 2019 as a budget phone, but with a more appealing design. It’s part of Samsung’s latest design philosophy, which is based on the design of their flagship phones to make their entry-level phones have appealing aesthetics. We’re all for this, and it’s very all to choose this phone as the primary device to use with your TracFone subscription.

It is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 7884B processor, which has the capacity of 2GB RAM. It has 32GB of internal memory. It also has an SD card slot to expand its memory. It has a simple rear camera with a low aperture (8MP) and a 5MP selfie camera. The entire device is powered by a 3,000mAh lithium-ion battery that can be charged by a USB Type C cord (! ), and there’s the headphone connector. A great phone at a reasonable price!

The screen is a 5.83-inch IPS display with a resolution of 720p and an adorable little notch at the top that houses a selfie camera. The screens have almost no bezels, and the entire phone can display as high as 1500 x 720 pixels, which is quite a lot for a phone. It even resembles an expensive model, even from the side. It’s protected by the case of plastic, which has an attractive, almost glass-like appearance. Because plastic is more durable than glass, one won’t require an accessory case to protect this device.

From the beginning, it is running One UI 1.1, which is the Samsung default and includes all of the extra bloatware. But, it’ll be compatible with Samsung’s updates until 2022, which means the phone will be an excellent choice for the next few years. The performance, when fresh, is decent applications feel fast, and even some games that aren’t as high-end feel better. Keep in mind that the phone is powered by an Exynos chip, a weak low-cost chip that could stutter when stuffed with too many activities.

The cameras aren’t great; They are, however. They don’t have the warmth Samsung cameras offer, with photos looking bluer than the better Samsung cameras. But you’re not buying this phone to shoot pictures anyway. You can get something more expensive if you need a phone with a top-quality camera.

The A10e is overall a good smartphone for those who don’t want to expect much out of it. It’s capable of running many of the apps we are using, but mobile gamers may not have a lot of enjoyment using it. But, the addition of a headphone socket can mean that, even though you might not have the top gaming phone, you will make use of the most potent gaming headphones that you’ve purchased. A good investment We suggest.


  • Screen with decent 720p resolution
  • USB Type-C supports
  • Headphone jack!


  • Not as feature-packed
  • Oh my God, the camera

Best Tracfone Smartphones

Apple iPhone 7 | Best TracFone for People Who Miss the Home Button

 Apple iPhone 7, 32GB, Black - Unlocked (Renewed)

Be prepared to see an iPhone that was released in 2016 as it’s part of the TracFone lineup, and it’s pretty cheap as well. But don’t be concerned that you can still get the iPhone 7 is still a decent phone after four years of age. While Apple isn’t selling the iPhone 7, refurbished models and even new ones are available through providers like TracFone or Amazon.

The iPhone 7 is run by Apple’s A10 Fusion processor. It comes equipped with 2GB of memory and 32GB, or 128GB storage. The display is a 4.7-inch touchscreen with an image resolution of 750×1334. It features a rear camera with 12 megapixels and a 7-megapixel selfie camera. It can run for 12 hours without being charged and could be one of the most powerful iPhones ever to be released.

It certainly seems like it’s an iPhone. If you’ve had a look, it’s clear that you’ve seen all. However, this iPhone 7 (and its bigger sister 7 Plus) 7 Plus). The tactile experience of the button could be enough to convince some users to purchase this aging phone.

The cameras are excellent for a phone that’s this old. This iPhone 7 was a flagship phone at the time, which is why Apple pulled out every effort to make the camera as perfect as it could. It has a cutting-edge (at that time) sensor that takes images with incredible clarity in virtually any lighting condition. Films have been created using iPhone 7 cameras. iPhone 7 and the camera on this phone will explain the reasons.

The only thing we’re unhappy about not seeing is the absence of the headphone Jack. The iPhone 7 was indeed a turning point for Apple because this is the first time they have completely discarded the headphone jack, an approach followed by many other brands of smartphones throughout the years. If you already own AirPods and are already using them, you won’t like this at all. We don’t see anything here for those who are still awed by the audiophile-wired headphones we have. Just move on.

If you think that the iPhone 7 is still a great phone to purchase through TracFone for 2022, it is. Apple’s engineers have created an iPhone that will likely last at least two additional years before you have to upgrade. If you don’t intend to use the iPhone 7 for anything other than essential phone functions and perhaps some videos to your TikTok account, it’s a good option.


  • Amazing camera
  • Superb capacity for storage
  • The Home button is my former friend


  • No headphone jack
  • A bit old for a smartphone



Best Tracfone Smartphones

Apple iPhone 8 | Best TracFone for Future-Proofed iOS

It’s a great phone. Apple iPhone 8 is still a fantastic phone to have by 2022, even if it’s showing its age. It was released just two and two and a half years ago, and because it’s a flagship model that comes with a variety of features that were the best when it was released. The short version is that it’s a capable phone even if you buy it now.

The iPhone 8 runs on the Apple-made A11 Bionic processor and is available with either 64 GB or 256 GB of internal storage. It has one 12MP camera on the back, as well as the selfie camera is 7MP. The screen is a sharp Retina IPS LCD that measures 4.7 inches and can show 16 million colors. A 1821mAh lithium Ion battery powers the entire device. Also, of course, the well-known home button is still visible on the front.

The design looks premium and classy, what it should be since the phone is the Apple iPhone, after all. We’re not entirely sure what colors you can pick as part of the TracFone subscription. However, it’s most appealing in black. The phone is covered with Gorilla glass, which makes it more robust than most phones. However, be aware that glass can break if exposed to enough force – like dropping it off the table. We suggest using an iPhone case to prevent harm.

The cameras, naturally, are superb. The iPhone 8’s cameras were among the top Apple-made in the last generation and are indeed still influential in the present. It is possible to earn a living from shooting stock photos using this device due to its large f/1.9 aperture. The selfie camera isn’t a slow-moving camera either, thanks to excellent lighting and Apple’s fantastic post-processing to ensure that your selfies always look Instagram-worthy.

The iPhone 8 is still subject to Apple’s update in 2022, but there is no announcement in the following years. It means that the phone will compete with the top players; however, it is not as effective. It is an old phone, so you shouldn’t have too high expectations regarding its performance. It begins to slow down with newer games and may even crash when more than three or two applications are running simultaneously.

It’s a decent enough phone to last at least two years, but you can expect to see a significant slowdown following the fact.


  • Fantastic processor
  • Fast and snappy performance


  • Single-camera rear
  • No headphone jack


Best Tracfone Smartphones

LG Premier Pro Plus | Best TracFone for IPS LCD

LG STLML414DCP Straight Talk Premier

In 2022, the year it was released In 2022, the Premiere Pro Plus is LG’s first foray into the smartphone with a budget market. It’s one of the newest products from TracFone’s stable. Though it’s much less powerful than the majority of phones released this year up to now, it’s still an excellent smartphone that has decent performance and battery capacity, as well as a display worth the money.

It is powered by the less-known Helio P22 processor of Mediatek and is backed by 2GB of RAM and 32 gigabytes in internal storage. It has a gorgeous 6.5 inches IPS screen capable of sharp 720×1520 resolution. LG has paid a lot for its camera, which has two rear lenses: a 12MP primary camera and a wide-angle lens. A selfie camera with 8MP is also available on the front. The entire phone is powered by a 3,500mAh non-removable battery which can keep the phone going throughout the day when used reasonably.

The build quality of this LG Premiere Pro Plus looks fantastic. It is built with a steel chassis coated in 2.5D Arc Glass that gives a good grasp. The material also makes it appear very, really expensive, despite its price tag. Its 6.1 inches screen size is a stunning IPS LCD with sharp colors that are as clear as 720p can.

The LG Premier Pro is an excellent phone with a decent, though slower processor. It is a phone you purchase if you aren’t afraid of sacrifices in performance to get the stability, quality camera, and extended battery longevity. If you’re comfortable with that, the TracFone phone is a good option for you.


  • Screen for LCD IPS
  • Great cameras
  • Pretty great battery.


  • “Just okay,” the processor
  • A small RAM size for 2022 Android phone


Best Tracfone Smartphones

LG Rebel 4 | Best TracFone that has a Quick Processor

 Tracfone Carrier-Locked LG Rebel 4


The LG Rebel 4 is a rebel in many ways, but most notably because it has the Snapdragon processor in a low-cost phone. It’s swift and can handle tasks well, making it an excellent TracFone alternative to consider in 2022. If you’re looking for a simple phone that will last for a while, The LG Rebel 4 is the device that you need.

The LG budget phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chip that Samsung has used in its newer J series of phones. It has 2GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 16GB that can be extended to 32GB using the MicroSD slot. The display is a sharp 5.0 inch LCD with 720 x 1280 resolution. There’s an ordinary 8MP camera on the rear, and the front camera is a low-quality 5MP lens.

In terms of design, it’s nothing to talk about this phone. It’s akin to the iPhone 5, sans the home button. The bezels are hefty and take up a significant amount of space. However, it focuses on the high-quality LCD screen with 720p resolution. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch films while on the move, and it’s good enough for basic photography.

Cameras aren’t LG’s strength, and pictures taken with the rear camera are slightly blue due to the auto white balance. The camera is more effective in bright sunlight; however, don’t anticipate being awarded or even Pulitzer awards for your photos using this phone.

The shining star will be that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425. It’s a powerful chip that is seldom seen in this price category. This powerful processor can handle the most intensive applications with no overheating, making it an ideal phone for the future. However, the 2GB of RAM won’t be playing many more well-known Android games if you don’t like slowness.

We believe this LG Rebel 4 is an excellent companion for the TracFone subscription, even if it’s due to its processor. The processor alone could carry the phone up to 3 or 2 years in the future if you intend to use it for that long. However, as it pertains to your first TracFone handset is concerned it’s an excellent choice.


  • HD Display
  • Snapdragon processor
  • Face recognition


  • The capacity can be expanded maximum of 32GB
  • Only 2 GB RAM


Best Tracfone Smartphones

Motorola Moto G7 Optimo MAXX | Best TracFone for Octa-Core Processor

 Motorola Moto G7 (64GB, 4GB RAM) Dual SIM


It was launched in the year 2022 by TracFone to be a smartphone choice in April of 2022. The Moto G7 Optimo MAXX (yes, it’s written in all capital letters) is an impressive phone with great features inside, but it’s not as great externally. The pros far surpass the cons of the phone, as you’ll discover in the following paragraphs.

The phone runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor, which has 3 GB of memory. The internal base storage is 32 GB but can be expanded to 512GB using a MicroSD card. It has a 6.2 inches LCD screen and a 720 1570 x 720 and The camera on the rear is a fantastic 12 MP camera. It’s with an 8 MP selfie camera on the front. All of it comes powered by a massive capacity battery of 5,000 mAh. This battery makes it possible to go for two whole days without needing to recharge, even with minimal usage.

Its G7 Optimo MAXX features design influences directly from Samsung S8 and the slim bezels that resemble Samsung’s Edge screen. It also means there’s a ton of screen space here, and it’s a shame since the screen isn’t very good. The colors are dull and dull on this display, which makes a lot of fun from watching animated videos or even the best games.

And speaking of which, you can play games with the G7 Optimo MAXX due to its fast Snapdragon 632 processor and 3GB of RAM. It is possible to play games such as Asphalt, COD Mobile, and even PUBG Mobile well with this handset. There may be some issues with excessive heat when playing for prolonged periods; however, there’s nothing to complain about as it’s a low-cost smartphone.

The camera isn’t anything special, To be honest. While it does record detail reasonably well, the sensors of Motorola aren’t particularly top-of-the-line in this regard. The only positive aspect is the front camera, which uses Face Recognition software for your selfies. This software automatically tunes the appearance of blemishes and other imperfections for each shot.

Thanks to its powerful processor, we’re huge fans of the G7 Optimo MAXX. It’s a perfect budget smartphone that blew our minds with its specs, but we weren’t impressed by its display.


  • Large screen
  • 5,000 mAh battery
  • Octa-core processor


  • Low-res display
  • “Just okay” camera


Best Tracfone Smartphones

Wrap Up

We’ve finished our top list of phones you can buy from TracFone currently. The lineup is fantastic, filled with old and new models, and there’s plenty to like about these phones. In addition, those who select TracFone will instead save money rather than pay hundreds of dollars on phones in the first place. We consider each phone listed here as a win.

We must award the victory to G7 Optimo MAXX. G7 Optimo MAXX is a surprising winner in this fight. Thanks to its futuristic processor as well as other unique inside features, it could most likely run this phone into the future…, or at the very least, for the next four years.